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Music has been an indispensable part of Alex's life since age 9, when he got an electric guitar and started teaching himself songs from the popular video game "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock". Soon after, he enrolled into private guitar lessons with local classical guitarist Gabino Flores and spent six years developing his music appreciation, performance skills, and proficiency in classical, acoustic, and electric guitar repertoire.

His musical curiosity then led him to enroll in percussion class at Juan Diego Catholic High School, under the mentorship of percussion director Jed Blodgett. It was here where he discovered his love for teaching and developed his pedagogy and teaching style - taking up student leadership positions in all his ensembles from sophomore to senior year.

Starting his college years at the University of Utah, he spent two semesters pursuing Instrumental Music Education and was afforded more teaching and performance opportunities during the following three years. He is currently studying at Salt Lake Community College and is working towards an Associate of Applied Science in Music Recording Technology.

Some of Alex's favorite musical moments includes: volunteering to teach guitar and snare drum at Saint John the Baptist Elementary School, performing with the Millennial Choir and Orchestra percussion section at Abravanel Hall, having numerous guitar recitals at the Gallivan Center, touring with the University of Utah Percussion Studio in Idaho, and being featured alongside the University of Utah Drumline (where he is currently Snare Section Leader) on Vic Firth's Spotlight Series: Learn the Music.

For 6 years Alex has been, and continues to be, passionate about teaching. Passion is his central philosophy. Getting students to be comfortable not only expressing themselves artistically, but also with voicing questions and concerns to the teacher will ultimately allow for a students passion to be revealed and approaching lessons with a music appreciation mindset is the seed with which passion and love for one's work and progress will blossom. He loves surrounding himself with musically-inclined individuals, and is eager to expand the Utah music community!

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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