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To all the amazing students, parents, and staff that participate in this studio.
Music is Medicine for the soul!

Alex loves music but even more so, she loves teaching others and assisting them in developing their talents. Alex has a Bachelor's degree in Commercial music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance from Snow College Horne School of Music, an associate of science, and a minor in business. Alex has participated in several musicals such as; Pirates of Penzance (×2), The Phantom of the Opera, Once on this Island, and Rats. She has also been in the Opera, The Gondeliers. She sang with the Cadence Chamber choir for 4 years, Acapella choir, and Advanced Women's Choir. She performed with the Commercial music ensemble (cme Indie/cme union) contemporary bands for two years. With them she performed for schools, large audiences, weddings, etc. And was the SNATS treasurer for her department. Alex believes that at any age one can develop a passion, skill, or talent. She loves teaching younger ages who are growing and curious about the world of music. She enjoys using real life scenarios and situations to help teach her students and help them better apply what they are learning in the studio to their personal lives. Alex is classically trained but is well versed in contemporary, Broadway, and Jazz styling. She teaches the importance of building a strong foundation in technique to be able to perform well in whatever emphasis the student chooses.
In Alex's studio, students will feel comfortable to explore, be themselves, learn, and develop necessary skills with some fun in the mix. Alex has a philosophy in her studio that, "everything that matters is about people." She bases her teaching and love for music on the three L's of life; Listen to learn, Learn to Love, and Love to Listen. Learning music can provide us with great joy and fun in life and that is what we will hope to accomplish in our class! Alex has high expectations for her students and will hold them to those expectations while also loving them and assisting them in their musical desires. Alex hopes that her students will come to class prepared to escape from life and dive into the beautiful world of music.

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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