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Abby Broadbent

Piano | Draper

Abby Broadbent is a classical pianist studying piano performance at the University of Utah. She specializes in early Baroque and Impressionistic music. Ms. Broadbent has competed in competitions and festivals as far back as in 2011 with “The Headless Horseman” by Faber. She received the Gold Cup in the 2014 Encore Festival, which is indicative of the nine years
she competed there. Abby received Honorable Mention at Weber State University festival in 2012 in her age category by competing with “Two Ladies Gossiping” by Khachaturian and competed in the highly selective 2016 MTNA solo category with works by Prokofiev, Bach, and Chopin. Abby also loved performing the first movement of Mozart’s Concerto in A Major at Corner Canyon’s 2015 Concerto Night. She competed in Solo & Ensemble and achieved top scores for two straight years with Nocturnes by Chopin. Ms. Broadbent currently holds a scholarship from the University of Utah Piano Department as well as academic and business scholarships, as she is also pursuing a double major in business administration. Abby hopes to round out her dream of music by staying grounded in the day-to-day business details. Being a musician is the ultimate entrepreneurial goal, after all.

Some of Abby’s fondest performing memories are of those in her ensembles. She has participated in the Corner Canyon High School Chamber Choir directed by Melissa Thorne as well as the renowned University of Utah A Capella Choir as directed by Dr. Barlow Bradford. Recording at Disney Studios with her high school choir was a shining moment in her high school career. She has also recorded with the University of Utah Institute Singers directed by Marshall McDonald for the Jordan River Temple Rededication Celebration. Abby has performed with them at the LDS Conference Center for the 188th LDS General Conference and the 2018 Youth International Broadcast. A unique musical experience as a classical pianist was competing in her school’s annual Battle of the Bands with her jazz funk band, “Locomotion”, in which Abby was the lead keyboardist and singer. It was pretty groovy to hear her fellow bandmates improvise on a whim! When not playing the piano, Abby enjoys reading as much as possible.

Her love of music sprang from reputable teachers such as Ruth Barnes, Cassandra Broadhead, and Lenora Brown; and so Abby gives back by teaching at the Piano Place. The Piano Place’s motto of #makingmorethanmusicians runs parallel to her own view that music is vitally connected with everything else in life. Teaching students has been the most rewarding occupation of her musical career thus far, and Abby hopes to always teach no matter where life takes her.

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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