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Jake brings a great balance of performance and education to The Piano Place. Teaching since 2019, performing since 2009, and studying drumset theory and technique since 2003, he is comfortable teaching the skills, habits, and discipline required of young drummers looking to gain confidence behind the kit. He knows the power of improving a musician's skill, as he lives by the following maxim: playing the drums is fun, but playing the drums well is REALLY fun! Jake loves that through drumming, students don't just learn music; they learn self-discipline, goal setting, and leadership in band settings. Having enjoyed music leadership roles in high school in orchestral, jazz and marching scenarios, Jake took his musical capabilities with him to Brigham Young University, playing for the Mountain Strings Folk Music ensemble, and recording various styles of music on drumset and other percussion instruments for BYU's department of dance. This journey took him international, playing in Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and mainland China. He has also recorded with Utah artists including Mark Geslison, Rachel Youngberg Payne, and Byron Fancy. Jake has had the privilege of studying with many of Utah's finest drumming minds, including Jay Lawrence, Sherry Sinese, Kelly Wallis, and Mike Sammons. He has also benefited greatly from both live and online masterclasses from greats such as Tommy Igoe, Todd Sucherman, and his drumming hero, Greg Bissonette. Jake's heart lies with any complimentary role that drums can play with melody, particularly in rock, pop, and Latin music settings. He believes that drumming provides a special place where athleticism meets musicality, resulting in both physical and mental wellness. He knows that for many young learners, drumming is not the ultimate career goal, but he knows that the skills associated with this art can grow individuals into proactive learners, accountable performers, and confident decision makers.

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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