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Cami Jones

Piano, Ukulele, Voice | South Jordan

Cami hasn’t been able to stop singing since she was 2 years old! Her mom has run a piano studio out of her house in California her whole life and Cami grew up around music since before she can remember. Cami’s Mom instilled in her the importance of being a musician first and a singer second. This foundation for musicality made Cami the singer she is today!

Cami has had a diverse journey as a singer with training in musical theater, classical, contemporary and a LOT of soul searching alone in her Mom's studio to figure out what kind of artist she wanted to be. Cami feels confident that she can help you find your own musical identity while teaching healthy vocal habits along the way.

Cami has had lots of vocal issues over the years, including a year of vocal therapy for nodules. Because of this, she has become married to vocal hygiene and the proper technique to heal your voice and help you continue to progress as a singer. Cami would love to help you be a better singer while making sure you aren’t hurting your voice in the process!

Cami did musical theater for 8 years, was in BYU Women's Chorus, Concert Choir, sang with BYU Noteworthy for 2 years, has collaborated with many incredible musicians and now is in a band called DANI that she claims will surely take the world by storm, “Just you wait…”

“This singing stuff is incredibly emotional and I believe it to be a powerful vehicle for personal development. My degree focused on mindfulness and wellness and I will ABSOLUTELY incorporate that into my teaching to help you be more in touch with you. I will create an emotional safe haven for you to experiment without judgement and teach you what authenticity looks like in voice and in life. I will also probably encourage you to eat food that will make you feel awesome.”

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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