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Jordan was born in California to an opera singer and a piano teacher.

Jordan was raised in a dance studio. His instructor, Rosemary, not only taught Jordan and his four closest siblings how to perform dances like ballet, tap, jazz, and folklorico...she had them perform for her productions of The Nutcracker Suite, Annie, Tom Sawyer, the Wizard of OZ, and Oliver.
To pay for costumes, he and his siblings would sell ad space to local businesses to showcase in the Playbill.

“...the piano journey for me really began when I turned eight years old. My mother put me in with a teacher named Polly. She had me practice each piece three times, I remember. She’d always have a fat stack of Comic books like Garfield and The Far Side, for me and my brother to read while we waited for our lessons.”

Excerpt, pg. 27 Vol. 34 The Biographical Collection of Jotdan

Kathy would become Jordan’s high school Piano Teacher. She was a seasoned pianist for the LA Philharmonic, who would always have singers over when he and his older brother Daniel would stop in for their weekly lessons. It was here, in Pasadena CA, where his instruction and discipline behind the piano would prepare him for the biggest test of his life. A piano competition for the largest pot of cash Jordan had ever seen in his entire 17 year old life.

“...Before the competition, I remember just breathing. My trigger thoughts were ‘go slow’ and ‘breathe’. I ended up doing just that. I executed properly the piece of music I’d memorized. Fantasie Impromptu. By Chopin. I remember having so much fun. The cash prize sweetened the first place prize quite nicely as well.”

Sketch a Day—a Visual Journal. The Best Two Years.

As Jordan returned from his mission to Colombia, his relationship with music would only deepen, when he started teaching a group of thirty students, in Napa CA with his wife and two children.

Jordan’s teaching style has heavy influence from the Certificate of Merit program, and has an emphasis on music theory and improvised performance.

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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