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Aaron has been immersed in the world of drumming for many years, teaching a diverse range of styles from jazz to metal to Latin. His educational journey was shaped by a series of influential teachers, including Mike Dale, Jed Blodgett, and Mike Sammons, among others, from the age of 11 to 18.

During his high school years, Aaron's dedication to percussion was evident through his consistent presence at the state percussion ensemble, where he consistently received top marks on timpani, marimba, and snare. His talent was further recognized when he won the title of Best Soloist at the Park City Jazz Festival in 2014.

Currently, Aaron serves as the drummer for the Galaxxy Band, the world's only 100% live drag act, where he has mastered nearly 200 songs through live performances. Additionally, he has lent his drumming skills to seven recording projects and collaborated with over ten different artists.

Aaron's teaching philosophy prioritizes fundamentals over immediate gratification, believing that laying a strong foundation leads to long-term success. While he challenges his students to strive for excellence, he assures them that with dedication, they will see significant progress within 90 days. Expectations are high in Aaron's studio, as he believes in pushing his students to reach their full potential.

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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