The Piano Place Difference


Here's why we're different:

The Piano Place offers customized lessons to fit the needs and desires of every student. So whether you want to be a concert pianist, the next Taylor Swift, start a new hobby, or even if your mom is forcing you take lessons, we are sure there is a fit for EVERYONE to enjoy.

Customized Learning Experience

Our instructors tailor their teaching styles and lesson materials to the specific goals of each individual student. At The Piano Place, we are confident that we have an instructor for every personality type, learning ability and goal… big or small! What we know for certain is that learning an instrument isn’t always easy… but music is for everyone. Let us find the perfect fit for you!

Fun Performance Opportunities

At the Piano Place we recognize that one of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a musician is being able to play when given the opportunity. With that, we also know that many aspiring musicians struggle to ever feel super comfortable up on stage because of the anxiety that often comes along with it. At The Piano Place we are passionate about giving our students ample opportunities where they can perform in a fun, safe and uplifting atmosphere. These performances include open mic nights, parades, community events, workshops and two formal recitals a year.

At The Piano Place we are committed to breaking down the stereotype of what has traditionally been known as boring music recitals that drag on for hours. We pull out all the stops with a red carpet, refreshments, an awards ceremony, photographers and more. We also provide parents the opportunity to choose from dozens of different recital times and dates so they can coordinate the one that will work best with their schedules. Finally, we strive to keep every recital as close to an hour as possible so you can come and enjoy the people you came to support.

Inspiring Instructors

The Piano Place makes it a priority to seek out and hire a versatile team of exceptionally skilled and passionate instructors. Our instructors don’t just talk the talk but truly walk the walk as many of them are actively pursuing their music careers outside of lessons.

Some of these talented instructors include former finalists on American Idol and The Voice, the lead singer of “Foreign Figures” one of Utah’s hottest bands, two featured pianists from Salt Lake City’s esteemed Roof Restaurant, a Utah Symphony featured pianist, Nashville recording artists and many more!

Creative Atmosphere

At The Piano Place we realize that students can only thrive in an environment that they feel inspired and excited by. Our facilities are completely unique as each room is decorated to a theme honoring some of the world’s most legendary music icons. Some of these themes include Coldplay, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Beethoven, The Beatles, Julie Andrews and more. In addition, our facilities are equipped with brand new, top quality instruments and technologies including Yamaha digital and traditional pianos, microphones, amps, and more. Each location features flat screen TVs with Apple TV capabilities which the teachers frequently use during lessons to display lyrics, learning materials and more.


We believe — and see the evidence every day in both our students and teachers — that there is more to learning musical instrument than just proficiency. We believe music lessons provide an irreplaceable opportunity for students to learn self-confidence and self-esteem to learn to stick with something rewarding even when it gets hard. We believe it’s about nailing that passage that used to seem impossible, or writing a song to get you through a tough time. It’s about engaging that part of ourselves that’s hard to define, but that ultimately defines us. At The Piano Place we place the utmost priority on helping each student find that same refuge in music that we have found ourselves.

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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