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Music is for everyone, and we believe music lessons should be too!

That is why in addition to doing in-person lessons, The Piano Place is also very dedicated to having a strong remote lesson program teaching hundreds of students all across the world.
From returning students ready to give piano lessons a second shot, (for real this time, Mom!) to brand-new students inspired by the latest viral ukulele video, (thanks, YouTube!) we’re changing the way families approach music education
From returning students ready to give piano lessons a second shot, (for real this time, Mom!) to brand-new students inspired by the latest viral ukulele video, (thanks, YouTube!) we’re changing the way families approach music education

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Making music accessible starts by recognizing every student’s individual learning abilities and personal strengths. It doesn’t matter if you’re here to learn how to play in garage-band or a symphony, our studios are open to every type of learner. More importantly, we understand that true learning happens in dynamic and engaging environments where students can explore, make mistakes, and continue to progress with the help of a dedicated instructor.
Our amazing staff and studios are excited to get to work with you! We’re building a community that loves music and helps make the arts available for every student, every day. Come join us!

Become a protégé, not just a student!

Every great musician began as a protégé, which is why The Piano Place prioritizes working with highly skilled and passionate instructors. Our teachers enjoy impressive careers in both music and performance, and are well-versed in the art of teaching lessons — piano, voice, guitar and more — to the next generation musicians. We are pleased to work with instructors who have been finalists on American Idol, The Voice, and in many other national competitions. Let us show you the way!
Finding the right instructor starts with taking into account students individual strengths, challenges, and motivations. This information helps us match students with the teacher best equipped to help them reach their goals. Our program is more than just a number’s game, it’s a mentoring process designed to help students develop their talents and maximize their potential.

What do our existing customers think?

  • The Piano Place is amazing! I take piano lessons and my son takes guitar lessons there. We love our respective teachers, the methodology, the set-up (semesters with a recital at the end), program for practice motivation, etc. I really like their locations (they have two around the corner from each other) with cute themed rooms (Beatles, Sound of Music, Cold Play, etc.). Their teachers have lots of energy and enthusiasm for what they do and they make it so fun. Highest of recommendations.

    Kristin Jolley Avatar Kristin Jolley

    We love our son's teacher Kylie here at the piano place. She is able to motivate our kid and keep him challenged at the same time. Love the facility. well maintained and well done. Would like a little bit more flexibility with working out make up classes since we tend to travel internationally for extended period of time and don't have access to a piano then and are on day and night different time zones.

    Archana Thiagarajan Avatar Archana Thiagarajan

    Such a fun place for lessons. They teach several different instruments including piano, voice, guitar and violin. The themed rooms and amazing instructors make it a great environment for children and adult to learn music!

    Kylie Young Avatar Kylie Young
  • Piano Place has done an excellent job of matching my children with teachers who are perfect for their personalities and musical interests. As a result, my kids love lessons and they love playing the music they are assigned. As a bonus, most of the teachers here have taken the time to learn about the Let's Play Music curriculum, so I am comfortable referring my graduating students here as well. We love Piano Place!

    Marianne Barrowes Avatar Marianne Barrowes

    My daughter loves her piano classes and since last year, when she started, she has improved a lot thanks to her wonderful teachers. Everyone at the Piano Place is always very helpful and nice. I like that when I go into the Piano Place all the teachers are excited to teach their students. Thanks for motivating my daughter to keep learning and to keep doing better.

    Maria Torrero Avatar Maria Torrero

    Very personable and talented teachers. The staff and performing events are well organized. Great experience. They have great opportunities to perform which is important to give kids stage experience. My girls take piano, guitar and voice and love iit!

    Chantele Gustaveson Avatar Chantele Gustaveson

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