Why We Love Teaching with Digital Pianos

While our students often perform on a traditional acoustic piano, we use both acoustic and digital pianos in our studios during instruction. Our favorite to use, and the model featured throughout our studios, is the Yamaha Clavinova CLP series. The touch and action features on these pianos, paired with the individual key counter weights (similar to those found in a grand piano,) provide unrivaled resistance and return. We promise you won’t even know the difference once you begin playing. They truly are great for everyone—from our beginners to our advanced learners—and  we love how students and teachers can customize a digital piano for a variety of learning experiences.

We’d like to share a few of the reasons why we love our digital pianos, and how they can help your student learn both at home and in the studio…

First, digital pianos offer several recording options, which allow students to record themselves playing and listen back to identify areas that need improvement. This is also a great motivational tool, since they can compare their early attempts at learning a new piece to later practice sessions. Progress as a musician often comes slowly, so it’s great to be able to show students that their consistent practice really does pay off!

Next, digital pianos help us eliminate distractions while focusing on particularly difficult techniques. Being able to plug in a set of headphones not only eliminates sound distraction for other students, it can help a beginner really focus on listening to their music and notice small changes in tempo or sound. While we don’t always incorporate headphones into our lesson time, it’s great to keep the option available.

Another reason we use digital pianos in our studios? We have a wide range of built-in accompaniments to help a student learn to play as part of a group—without needing to bring in an entire orchestra or string quartet. So, if a student is preparing for a vocal performance, they can experience singing alongside a piano, or a violinist can practice staying in rhythm with a piano accompaniment, etc. Performance is a vital part of musical education, so we love how a high-quality digital piano allows students and teachers to embrace learning how to play music as part of a group or duet.

Lastly, we love how a digital piano provides us unique opportunities for performances that go beyond a traditional recital. Because digital pianos are portable, students can take their show on the road and perform at outdoor venues or private performances outside a traditional concert hall or auditorium. We really do encourage our students to perform as much as possible, and a digital piano expands their opportunities to show off their talents!

If you’re a first-time piano buyer looking for a great option for your family, we can’t recommend a digital piano enough. Yes, a beautiful acoustic piano is a work of art in and of itself, but a digital piano is a fantastic learning tool and performance aid and can help your student become the best musician they can be! 

We buy all of our pianos through Utah’s only Yamaha Dealer, The Piano Gallery! And if you are planning on purchasing a new piano during the Holidays, The Piano Gallery is currently offering a special promotion for all  our The Piano Place families. The Yamaha Clavinova model we use in our studios is the CLP635, which retails for $2999 and is on sale in store and online for $2699. 

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“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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